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Name Carlos Becú Rosso
Thema Spanish Mangoes and Avocados
Ihre_Nachricht Good morning, I represent the firma Oleotropic SCA, from the tropical coast in the province of Granda, Spain. Our company is specialized in the trade of olive oil as well as Spanish tropical fruits, such as avocado, mango, custard apple, and medlar.
We are now starting the mango and avocado campaign, therefore I am very pleased to contact such a prestigious firma as yours, with the hope of building a durable business relation.
For this matter, I would be really grateful if I could contact with the purchasing agent or the person in charge of international trade.
Thank you very much, I will also send an email.
Best Regards

Carlos T. Becú Rosso
International Sales
Oleotropic SCA
+34 641258972